Tuesday, 15 January 2008

One Year Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago, I started this blog and today mark the One Year Anniversary! How exciting this that?! When I started this blog one year ago, I wanna share my interest with everybody and anybody. With the technologies today, we are able to reach anyone at any corners on this planet, making new friends and sharing great music. There are many great blogs around as well which making our life very interesting.

I do hope that I could continue to run this blog but I cannot promise the frequency of updating this blog daily. However, I will try all my best. Until then, enjoy your time here. Cheers!!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Janet Jackson - Feedback

Alexander & Mard VDH Olague Mix
Bryan Reyes Club Mix Pt 1
Calle & Baker Mix
DJ 2nd Nature & DL Jones Remix
DJ MichaelAngelo Sick Mix
DJ Skin69's Dub
Extended Mix
Giving Feedback Club Mix
Jamey's Mixshow Edit
Jeremy's Word Club Remix
Malone's Funky House Mix
Mix It Up Remix
Zarh Karl Remix

Beyonce - Get Me Bodied

Clinton Sparks Remix Feat. T.I Young
DJ Mes Full-Bodied Rehex
Extended Mix with Intro
Extended Mix
Hex Hector Full Vocal Radio Edit
Hex Hector Mix
Hex Hector Mixshow
Hex Hector Radio Edit 1
Hex Hector Radio Edit 2
Hex Hector Radio Edit 3
Hex Hector Radio Edit 4
New Radio Edit
Richard More Tribal Fire Up Mix
Richard More Tribal Pride Mix
Timbaland Remix Edit
Timbaland Remix

Britney Spears - Piece of Me

Bill Hamel Mix
Bimbo Jones Club Mix
Bimbo Jones Dub
Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Boz O L Remix
Bryan Reyes Dark n Dirty Club Mix Pt 1
Bryan Reyes Dark n Dirty Club Mix pt 2
Bryan Reyes Radio Edit
DaVinChe Remix
DJ Bravo Extended Mix
DJ Levan Remix
DJ Ray 247 Mix
DJ Stript's Azriel Beat Mix
DJ Stript's Extended Azriel Beat Mix
DJ Stript's Reworked Azrial Beat Radio Mix
DJ Mes Blonde Extension
Edson Pride Club Mix
Filtered Acapella
Friscia & Lamboy Club
Instrumental 1
Instrumental 2
Junior Vasquez & Johnny Vicous Club
Kalsi Cut Mix
Mike Rizzo Rough Mix
Mysto & Pizzi Radio Mix
Mysto & Pizzi Dance Mix
Original Mix
Rhythm Rockerz Pop Mix
Sam's American Dream Club Mix
Sam's American Dream Edit
Sam's American Dream Instrumental Mix
Sandy Resek Chumbo Mix
Shaxmx Radio Edit
Sou Power Mix Sample
Thee Werq n B!tches Innuendo Vox Mix
Thee Werq n B!tches S&M Dub
Tiesto Club Mix
Tiesto Dub
Tiesto Radio Edit
Vito Benito Club Mix

Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts

2 X-cited Remix
Alan Braxe Remix
Aleko's Bleeding Club Mix
Anthony Lago's In Love Club Mix
Dirtyhands' Freemasons 'RTA' Mix
DJ Skype Studio Version
Extended Mix
Impossible King's Beating Together Mix
James Arnold's Triple Bypass Mix
John Michael's Almighty Mix
Kish Mauve Remix
Le Defi Remix
Mark Brown Pancha Ibiza Up Terrace Remix
Mixmachine Mash Up Paul Van Dyl Radio Mix
Mixmachine Mash Up Paul Van Dyl Extended Mix
Paul Harris Extended Mix
Radio Edit
Ranny's Club Mix
Sordid Soundz Remix
The Twelves Remix

DJ Paulo Collection

DJ Paulo is one of my favorite DJs these days. Too shame that I missed his gig when I was in Sydney. Anyway, here are some of his remixes and check out his new upcoming Britney Remix of Toy Solider (Love It!!) @ http://www.myspace.com/djpaulonla

Take from his website www.djpaulo.com
Gimme More Tribal Pt 1 - Karma Beats
Gimme More Tribal Pt 2 - Afterhours
Tribal Bitch
Sin City
Erotic Tribal

Beyonce - Crazy In Love (DJ Paulo Bootleg Tribal Dub)
Britney Spears - Gimme More (DJ Paulo's Back To Basic Mix)
Christian Aguilera - Hurt (DJ Paulo's Big Drama Mix)
Christian Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man (DJ Paulo's White Label Mix)
Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music (DJ Paulo's Reconstruction Dub)
Nelly Furtado - Say It Right (DJ Paulo's Private Remix)