Thursday, 18 June 2009

DJ In The Mix - DJ Paulo

Lord of the Drum- Club (Pt1)
Lord of the Drum - Afterhours(Pt2)

DJ In The Mix - DJ FND

One of my favourite DJ In The Mix. Check out his remix of Diva (my top favourite)

FND Saturday Sensual Mix Feb 09

Da Brat & Papier Mache ft Chicken Nuggets - Heaven (Fred Conti)
Dude Looks Like A Lady Gaga - Poke Her Face (JDB)

Rasputin Faber - Are You Ready (RF Farplane Mix)

Beyond Saving - Diva (FND Le Boom Mash)

Audiostud ft Madam Wilson - Break It Off (Baggi Begovic)

Richard Gay vs Erik More Brillo - Life Goes On (Av vs Philgood)

Antoinette's Calamari - Gold (Golden Apricot Mix)
Mafia Dons - You Used To Rob Me (Ranny)

The Bora Bora Cox - Beautiful (UR) (Yinon)

Wall-E Lopez - Burning Inside (Tikaro, Louis, Ferran)
The Fabulous Miss W - Love Is The Look (Ralphi)

Big Tony Martinez - I Feel (Victor Magan)
Miss Alicia Dickson - Breathe (Slow) (Ali Payami)

Neo & Soraya Viv - Groove With U (FND Dubby Edit)

For more of his mixsets, check out his blog

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Hi Guys, I know it has been a long while as I'm traveling on the road instantly and couldn't access my blog in China (Damn It!). Now back in Singapore for a week but going back to China again. I will try my best to upload again soon. Until then, please visit other cool blogs and check back here from time 2 time.