Monday, 29 September 2008

Madonna - Madonna Addiction Non-Stop Mix Vol 7

I've always love the Madonna Addiction collection. They are always very funky. Here is the new collection.

You may download the artwork and individual track from Madonna Addiction.

01 The Power Of Good-Bye (Madonna-Addiction 2008 Definition of the Groove Mix)
02 Frozen (Madonna-Addiction 2008 Cold As Ice Mix)
03 Don't Tell Me (Madonna-Addiction Get Up N Dance Mix)
05 Music (Madonna-Addiction Strawberry Track 23 Remix)
06 Into The Groove (Madonna-Addiction 2008 Sweet RNB Mix)
07 4 Minutes (Madonna-Addiction Rock Mix)
08 Hung Up (Madonna-Addiction 2008 Funk Mix)
09 Give It 2 Me (El Madonna Adicción Djoudjou Mix)
10 Die Another Day (Madonna-Addiction 2008 Broken Cycle Mix)
11 Drowned World (Madonna-Addiction's Handsome Stranger Club Mix)

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Madonna - Sticky & Sweet (Tour Studio Version)

A real treat for Y'all! Full Studio Version!! Grab it while you can!!

01. Welcome To The Candy Shop / Candy Shop
02. Beat Goes On (feat Kanye West)
03. Human Nature
04. Vogue (4 Minutes Version)
05. Die Another Day (Interlude)
06. Into The Groove (Toop Toop/Jump Version)
07. Heartbeat
08. Borderline (Rock Version)
09. She’s Not Me
10. Music (Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Version)
11. Rain / Here Comes The Rain (Interlude)
12. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
13. Spanish Lesson
14. Miles Away
15. La Isla Bonita (Lela Pala Tute Version)
16. Doli Doli (Interlude)
17. You Must Love Me
18. Get Stupid (Interlude)
19. 4 Minutes (feat Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)
20. Like A Prayer (Feels Like Home Version)
21. Ray Of Light
22. Hung Up (Hard Rock Version)*
23. Give It 2 Me
24. Impressive Instant / Burning Up (Setlist Outtake) (Bonus Track)

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Friday, 26 September 2008

Donna Summer - Stamp Your Feet

Edynho Borges Private Mix

Madonna - Skin

This was an unreleased remix done by Peter Rauhofer and Victor Calderone for the Ray of Light era, called The Collaboration Mix. Here are couple of version - WAV, 320 MP3 and Edit version. Credit to Mel-Girl.

Skin (The Collaboration Mix)
320 mp3

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Madonna - Get Stupid

Get Stupid (Fixed Ending)

Thanks to Mini_Me

Madonna - Mixes & Candies

Like A Prayer (Ultimix 26)
Express Yourself (Non-Stop Express Mix)
Fever (Extended 12")
Vogue (12" Version)
Into The HollyWood Groove
Holiday (unmixed promo version)
She's not me
Deeper and deeper (david's klub mix)
Frozen (Direct hit 16)
Die Another Day (Dirty Vegas Main Mix)
Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Club Mix)
Hung Up (SDP Extended Vocal)
Give It 2 Me (eddie amador house lovers mix)
American Life (Peter Rauhofer's American Anthem Part 1)
Music (Victor Calderone Anthem mix)
Ray Of Light (Calderone Club Mix)
Sorry (PSB Maxi-Mix)


Credit to MadonnieSpears

Monday, 22 September 2008

DJ In The Mix

Seamus Haji In The Mix
Denny Tsettos In The Mix
Murk Made In Miami
Mike Rizzo In The Mix

DJ In The Mix

Best of Offer Nissim mixed by 'Davitt'

Best of Offer Nssim 3hr playlist:
1.Maya-Anything(Dramatic Long Intro)
2.Sarit Hadad-Ze Sheshomer Alay(Offer/Yinon Yahel)
3.Offer ft M- Like a Cinderella-(Davitt remix)
4.Maya-Im in Love(Original Mix)
5.Dana International-Petra(Offer 08 Recon)
6.Michael J-Billie Jean 2008(Offer Remix)
7.Yinon Yahel-Shine(Original Mix)
8.J.J Goldman-La Vie Par Procuration(Offer rmx 2008)
9.Erin H-The Flame 2008(Offer club)
10.Maya-Happy people(Offer vocal)
11.Suzanne P-Fascinated (Gal/Rotem Intro)
12.Vanessa P-Joe le taxi(Offer club mix)
13.Maya-That's The Way I Like It[Arenna/Leandro unreleased mix]
14.Maya-Love Me(Original Mix)
15.M- Beat goes on(Offer club)
16.Donna S.-Power of love part 2(Offer club)
17.Maya-Summer Night City(Edson Pride)
18.Maya-Searching(Arenna Unreleased Mix)
19.Deborah Cox-Easy As Life(Yoav Intro)
20.Maya-On My Own(Maor Zohar Intro)
21.Maya-Perfect Love(Adam Y Private Intro)
22.Maya-Rain(Yinon Yahel Remix)
23.Maya-Alone(Yaniv O Rmx 08 with Intro Roi Yamin)
24.Shirley bassey-La passione/Isaac(Davitt re-edit Offer club)
25.Rita -Jerusalem of gold(Offer mix)
26.Maya-Kol Haolam Pt3(Star of Davitt remix)
27.Knob -I'm Lost(Offer Full mix)
28.Offer Nissim ft. Maya-Wish You Were Here(Peter C. Memories mix)
29.Deborah Cox-Everybody dance(Offer remix)
30.Maya ft Whitney-I don’t need you, I’m everywoman on my own(Davitt remix)

DJ In The Mix

Check this out! It's Amazing!!
Madonna SweeTravel (DJ KJota Plenty Set Mix)

1. Vogue (Achilles Ultramodern Oldschool Remix)
2. Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Mar!ks Full On Vocal Mix)
3. Fever (Soup 4 Your Fever Mix)
4. Papa Don't Preach (Dancefloor Queen Original Mix)
5. Holiday (Thunderpuss Tribal Mix)
6. Liquid Love (Deep Factory Unreleased Anthem Mix)
7. Beautiful Stranger 2004 (Junior Cortez Heart-Attack Mix)
8. Isaac (QT DJ Yoav N.Y Remix)
9. Future Lovers (Cleo's Whispered Brilliance Club Mix)
10. Beat Goes On (Thee Werq'n Btches Breakxtravaganza Mix)
11. She's Not Me (Idaho's Cannibal Mix)
12. 4 Minutes (Thee Werq'n B!tches Vox Mix)

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Madonna - Hung Up

Hung Up (SDP's Extended Full Vocal Mix)

Lost lyrics from official 'Hung Up (SDP's Extended Vocal Mix)'

"I can't keep on waiting for you
I know that you're still hesitating
Don't cry for me 'cause I'll find my way
you'll wake up one day
but it'll be too late"

*credit to Leorj76

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Madonna - Random Mixes

What If Feels Like For A Girl (Paul Miller Rework of Above & Beyond Mix)
password: mikruz

Like A Player (Dany Wild 2008 Remix)

Hung Up (Warmduscher In Bed With Madonna Mix)

Papa Don't Preach (HT Funk Onesided 2008 Bootleg Vinyl Mix)

Miles Away (Eletric Model Shapeable Mix)

Amazing (Akasha's Interstellar Extended Edit)

Give It 2 Me (Angel Manuel's Midnight High Mix)
Give It 2 Me (Rafael Oliver Hard Mix)

DJ In The Mix

I always enjoyed DJ Lollipop's mixshows. They are always very good and keeping me off my seat all the times!!

You may visit his blogs (DJ Lollipop) for all his cool mixhows.

Here is his latest mixshow:-

Lollipop's Neon DJ Mix

Jody Watley - A Beautiful Life (Lost Daze Mix)
Mandy Moore - Extrodinary (Bill Hamel Mix)
Sugarbabes - Girls (Smart & Dove Mix)
Solange - Sandcastle Disco (Lost Daze Mix)
Chris Lake - Only One (Original Mix)
Antoine Clamaran ft Lulu Hughes - Give Some Love (Klaas Mix)
Freemasons ft Katherine Ellis - When You Touch Me (2008 Club Mix)
Kylie Minogue - The One (Freemasons Mix)
Bingo Players Vs Chocolate Puma - Touch Me (Bart B More Mix)
Lindsay Lohan - Bossy (Josh Harris Mix)
Ne-Yo - Closer (Stonebridge Mix)
Kim Leoni - Medicine (Extended Mix)
Alyson - Here With Me (Klubjumpers Mix)
Keo Nozari - Rewind (Jody Den Broeder Mix)
Rihanna - Disturbia (Jody Den Broeder Mix)
Ercola ft Daniella - Every Word (Kos Mix)
Morgan Page ft Tyler James - Call My Name (Gold Mix)
Kressha Turner - Don't Call Me Baby (Morel Mix)
Natasha Bedingfield - Angel (Moto Blanco Mix)
Tami Chynn ft Akon - Frozen (Ralphi Rosario Mix)
Tiffany - Just Another Day (Dave Aude Club Mix)
Anna Grace - You Make Me Feel (Voodoo & Serano Mix)
Cascada - Faded (Dave Ramone Electro Mix)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Rihanna - Disturbia

1 - Disturbia (Radio Edit)
2 - Rehab (Single Edit)
3 - Take A Bow (Acoustic Version)
4 - Disturbia (Extended Version)
5 - Disturbia (Instrumental)
6 - Disturbia (Sumer Remix)
7 - Disturbia (Aleko & Dj E!'s Club Vocal Mix)
8 - Disturbia (Anthony Lago Vs. Flashlight Creeping Club Mix)
9 - Disturbia (Flashlight Mindless Club Mix)
10 - Disturbia (LanCifer Fama's Paranoid Mix)
11 - Disturbia (Susan Esthera Club Mix)
12 - Disturbia (Jody Den Broeder Club Mix Uncensured)
13 - Disturbia (Ober Radio Remix)
14 - Disturbia vs. When I Grow Up vs. Take A Bow (Deejay Zander R-Remix)

*Download Zip 1
*Download Zip 2
*Credit to Lion

Dave Reality Remix
Jayman Anthem Club Mix

Umbrella (Hardcore Mix)

Friday, 12 September 2008

Update from Vienna, Austria

Dear Friends & Visitors

Greeting from Vienna, Austria, where Madonna will be performing here in 2 weeks time (but I still miss her concert date here.....Damn!!) It has been a while since my last update because I was in the Middle East and it was hard to connect anywhere. Anyway, I'm on the road again and will be heading to Germany in 2 weeks for a month. Meanwhile, I'll be continue updating my blog (as long as my internet connection is good).


Rihanna - Vogue (Live @ Fashion Rocks)

Vogue (Live at Fashion Rocks)

Credit to Virgin_KLM remastering it...